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'We will always take care of you!' The camera lingers on his face, as he sneaks a look down at the naked girl in his arms. 'It's not like I've never seen you naked before!' Tiffany looks down at her body awkwardly. 'Why did you do that, Dave?' She whispers. 'I hate to tell you Mike continues. 'You were comforting me!' She replies, her voice raising. 'Don't you think you should be a little nicer to us? By the end of her confession, Tiffany is sobbing so hard that Mike reaches over and gives her a big hug. She says goodbye to everyone and leaves the trio alone. Mom's still in the psych ward for evaluation. You obviously wanted me to kiss you. 'No, I wasn't' Dave retorts, yelling back. Dad would spend all his free time drinking in the back with his buddies.

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Her father is an alcoholic. They notice Tiffany in tears and switch gears, swooping in on either side of her. She's lonely and scared. CUT TO title plate. They keep going back and forth, manipulating her and pointing out all the instances over the last few weeks that she supposedly flirted with them. 'Are you sure one of us can't just drive you to the airport, mom?' He asks. Mom tried to kill herself over. He doesn't want to intrude but Mike told him a little bit about what had happened in the bathroom and he just wanted to check on her. Tiffany backs up, confused and freaked out. Of course, they will be happy to have her daughter come and stay for a while during the separation. She sneaks a photo to send to Diane, texting the woman that her daughter feels much better now. 'So, I don't know why you are being so mean to me all of a sudden!' Mike rubs her shoulder, as she cringes at the touch. 'And even though you're 18 now, you know that you have nowhere else to go Dave says. Wilde?' Dave asks, concerned.

coming today. At first, she covers herself, embarrassed to be seen naked, but he shrugs it off. In the bath.' Tiffany tries to explain but Dave cuts her off. She sits down and turns the TV off to announce that she has some news. 'That's right.' she replies, trailing off. 'You know why your mom really dropped you off, right? Like you're too good for us?!' Tiffany is floored, her eyes welling up in shock as Mike continues to berate her. 'You know, Dave and I will always be here for you he says.

As the trio wrestle and laugh, it all seems innocent until Mike pulls Tiffany down on his lap. Dave starts getting defensive. GIA paige 'S first. 'We just want to frække billeder af kendte pornomodels know why you're acting like this now?' He says, in a condescending voice. But, then he stopped working. Speaking in soft, reassuring tones, she tells the other end of the line to stay calm. 'Is everything ok with skomager bliv ved din læst thai massage i aalborg Mrs. 'That deep down inside you might actually like this. For many years, they just dealt with it privately. She looks so lost.

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Tiffany, Dave and Mike are watching TV and eating chips when Sue comes down the stairs with an overnight bag. She thought they were going to take care of her. 'Thank you for always being so sweet to me she says. That's why she acted the way she did. So, that's why they are going to help by taking Tiffany. She knows how hard divorce. She sits silently, her eyes glazed over with tears, as she stares out the window. She doesn't know what to do or say and Mike picks up on this. Mike runs into the room to see what's going.

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